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Welcome to PANACEA

The idea of "Panacea" was realized in 2007, which effectively puts together all the tools necessary for the functionality of various organizations. This is what has become the major drive behind an organization like ours’.

Committed to maintaining a standard, that allows us to make your lives a better place to work in. Own to the technological developments that have taken a new geometric progression, we have positioned ourselves in the atmosphere that breeds positive productivity. Allowing our skilled staff to instruct and guide you on technological challenges as they evolve with time.


Our Vision

We share a vision of providing solutions in a dynamic and very innovative business environment through effective professional Project Management. Especially with the global innovative era we live in today, a cosmopolitan population and capitalist economy, like South Africa. We have researched our niche and explored its potential, for innovative, technological, political and cultural diversity in all aspects of daily livelihood. We offer the best solutions even if it is beyond our own scope. Most important to us is the relationship built which we cherish over years with our existing clients.

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to improve the quality of life in our community, through offering excellent products, service and service delivery solutions. We use all available resources, locally and otherwise to create a safe, healthy and economically sustainable business relationships, through effective corporate solutions.


We share a vision of providing solutions in a dynamic and very innovative business environment through effective professional Project Management.

Project Management

Inception: Panacea creates concepts related to a client’s needs and requirements, we are perfectly equipped to create a vision that can be illustrated on a Microsoft projects platform and have 3D renderings for concept development. Our aim is to ensure that the clients needs are attended to completely.

In this aspect of business solutions, our target area is focused on the administrative tools used to drive most business projects. We ensure that our clients are carried along through the whole process of their business growth.

We have never had a failure in our administrative solutions because we employ the best skills available to ensure maximum productivity.

With its Building and Civil Construction division working hand-in-hand with the Panacea Trading Civil Engineering and Project Management team, this team offers an all-encompassing service package. Its packet of services includes:

  • • Community liaison and project support services
  • • Scope report including identification and finalisation
  • • Feasibility studies and technical investigations
  • • Contract documentation and tender evaluation reports
  • • Construction supervision and project management
  • • Documentation and construction
  • • Road rehabilitation
  • • Housing and township development
  • • Services and maintenances

Development: Panacea develops concepts by ensuring that industry related research is done, client involvement is important at this stage. The reason for this is to ensure that the vision of the client is represented in its entirety. It is still the clients project and thus should be treated as such.

Commission: Commissioning of a project involves the contracting of sub-contractors, andgetting affirmations from the client on outstanding development concerns. Its at this stage that the establishment of a project happens.

Registration: The registration process is one that is only relevant to particular projects and not necessarily all of them. This phase is relevant in major renovations, home and building construction and industrial projects where different authority registrations are an industry requirement.

Hand-over: The phase of the project that every client enjoys. Panacea completes the project, and issues a Handover certificate to reassure the client of the quality and expertise having been delivered on the project.


Turnkey is a literal description. In housing developments, it means to turn the key to a ready-made home. Turnkey is commonplace in the building industry. The construction company that undertakes a turnkey development does so from the ground up. They take a parcel of undeveloped land on which they build a home, complete with all finishes. The end-product is then offered for purchase.


We have attained a CIDB grading of 2GB, 2PO & 2CE and have been registered with NHBRC for several years. PANACEA takes pride in service delivery and utilization of local talent to achieve the satisfaction of needs and solutions. We have taken up projects in the construction industry from the development of property and educational institutions, renovation of existing structures, project management consultancy services, and planning of industrial and commercial developments.

Over the years, we realize that the need for infrastructural development in rural areas has become an increasingly pressing issue with the government and private investors. We at Panacea have made ourselves more available for projects in this sector to add value to the development of the community.


We provide corporate solutions in all administrative aspects of business and we diversified in providing solutions for other aspects of business, which are lacking in productivity and quality management systems. In this aspect of business solutions, our target area is focused on the administrative tools used to drive most business projects. We ensure that our clients are carried along through the whole process of their business growth.


Entrepreneurship is the future of the South African economy. We as an organization have chosen to partner with many large and established corporates around us, to empower SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to have clearer visions and establish their goals in business development. In addition to this achievement includes sustainability and profitability which help to keep many businesses in operation and provide job opportunities.

We are also approved and chosen sub-contractors to several Large Companies within the Free State with our proven track record of a 100% job completion rate. Giving us the necessary corporate advantage, we need to undertake larger projects in the future.


Panacea has its own electrical department, geared towards electrical infrastructure management and maintenance. Panacea has a team specifically for the department to meet our client's needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that, whatever the scope of the work to be done is done efficiently and with the aspect of quality in mind. Panacea facilitates the commission, management, and completion of any project. From an electrical layout plan and the registration of such plans with the local authorities to the servicing and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Solar: Panacea has commissioned a solar department as we have identified the need for the company to offer such services. With IPP (independent Power Producer) industry currently booming, its imperative that we use our experience in the electrical industry to get involved in an initiative geared toward a cleaner, greener society such as what solar offers. We have partnered with solar panel-producing companies to ensure reasonable rates for our clients and we are in the process of securing the same partnerships with battery producers. This is to ensure that we have end-to-end services without the client ever having to seek a solution linked to one of our services elsewhere.


  • Permanente Enclosed Generator – Outdoor installation of a canopy generator system installation to include, setting and connecting the generator and auxiliary fuel system
  • Generator Located Inside Factory – Indoor installation of a generator system on a skid. Installation to include setting generator and connection of auxiliary systems.
  • Portable enclosed generator – Basic inspection/setup and power system installation diagram


We offer a range of services targeted at developers, owners, and occupiers of industrial premises across South Africa. These include:

  • Investment and Global Capital Markets
  • Lease Advisory
  • Development consultancy
  • Agency – Marketing & leasing strategies, including tenant targeting
  • Tenant Representation – site sourcing, appraisals, acquisition, and disposal services for commercial property tenants and owner occupiers


A solution-based Project Management and Construction Company focused on providing solutions in the optimization of building, renovations, and fabrication costs for everyday projects.

Gert Sibande FET College, Standerton

Project Managemnet

  • 24 November 2019

  • Standerton, Mpumalanga, South Africa

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of PANACEA. Such quality service, always on time or finish before time. We continue to work with Panacea because of their work ethic.

Amariah Business Enterprise

Business Development

  • 24 November 2019

  • Trichardt, Mpumalanga, South Africa

I highly recommend the services of Panacea Trading Cc. I have been working with Panacea for almost four years now, and I have always been completely satisfied. I have established my company and learned lessons that I am able to put into practice.

Samlu Projects and Suppliers

Project Management

  • 24 November 2019

  • Johannesburg & Bloemfontein, South Africa

SAMLU Projects has and continues to work with Panacea Trading Cc, on Civils Building, Construction, and Project Management, whilst continuing to expandour the working scope and thus business relationship.


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